After an eventful year under the able leadership of Prasad, a new Executive Committee has been elected headed by Rohan.


“STAYING CONNECTED” is the theme for 2006/07 and we will strive to facilitate the alumni members to further knowledge, network and of course have loads of fun. Many events have been planned for this year starting with a visit to:

Leisure World Water Parks at Seethawaka, Kaluaggala.


Please make a note of the following in your PDA / Diary.


Date       :           13th August (Sunday)

Time      :           11.30am to 4.30pm

Whom    :           All Colombo MBA Alumni members and their families


The Association will sponsor each member meal vouchers for Rs. 1 000/-, while tickets and other expenses will have to be borne by members.


There are many packages, some of which are given below.


       Dry area (3 rides)     – Rs.    300/-


       Boat rides                – Rs.      75/-


       Dry area (8 rides)     – Rs.    600/-


       Water Log                – Rs.    200/-


       Wet area                  – Rs.    700/-

       Full Package            – Rs. 1 200/-


Children less than 3 feet tall get free access, while full rate is applicable to all others.


Members who wish to participate should inform Mahesh (0773679544), Neil (0777341547), Suresh (0777260569) Pubudu (0773070221) or Jude (0777376078) on or before 10th August, to finalize arrangements.


Participants are requested to drive to Leisure World and meet the others at around 11 am and then move on to a fun filled day of activity. Make this a day you and your family will cherish for many years.


Thanking you all for your continuous involvement in the alumni events.